Being a biker is a state of mind

It's being part of a large community of enthusiasts, united around beautiful mechanics and the feeling of freedom of hitting the road for beautiful rides.

Être un motard c’est aussi...

Being a biker is also...

Know how to protect yourself with the right equipment and thus offer yourself the greatest possible comfort once installed on your machine.
Le Pratique du Motard
offers you a wide selection of products intended for safe, pleasant and personalized motorcycle riding.

Discover numerous quality products and equipment on our online store for motorcyclists and in particular unique tools such as ourlow temperature aluminum welding rods

We are also passionate about mechanical steeds. It is inconceivable to us that motorcyclists could take to the road without adequate protection.
Each driver is naturally exposed to dangers additional to those of a motorist.
This is why it is essential to protect yourself with quality personal protective equipment : jacket with back shell , shoe protector , full-face helmet and gloves.

Other very useful accessories take on their full meaning by offering you safe driving comfort, such as motorcycle helmet headphones , driving glasses or even face masks . Enthusiasts finally find adorable goodies (key rings) and can personalize their helmet , with our unique helmet covers, a strong symbol of biker identity.

To affirm one's belonging to this large family, the style and appearance of a biker is of great importance.
Enhance your style with original jewelry like Guardian Bells, biker bracelets or rings as well as a large wardrobe dedicated to bikers: sleeveless leather biker vest , bracelet , cap, t-shirts,, sweatshirts, polo shirt, leather jacket and motorcycle jacket.

Also, we know that being a motorcyclist means getting your hands dirty, at least for small maintenance or last minute adjustments. Le Pratique du Motard provides all the hand tools you may need - various wrenches, self-locking pliers, battery charger, motorcycle lift , compressor and everything related to the electrical system of your machine, enough to make welds or threads.


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Since 2018 Le Pratique du Motard® was born from the desire to pay tribute to all motorcycle enthusiasts who live for the adrenaline and freedom of the road. Through our carefully selected collections, you will find the most stylish and functional accessories and equipment to enrich your passion or to offer to a biker who really matters to you .

Our mission is to accompany you on every adventure, combining performance and style for an incomparable driving experience.