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Motorcycle intercom systems range from the most affordable to the most luxurious. Here's an overview of what's out there and which system is right for you. Your motorcycle intercom can be a very useful accessory when riding with friends or family, especially if you are riding alone.

There are intercom systems in all shapes and sizes, from simple hand-held radio headsets to Bluetooth speaker sets that connect wirelessly to your smartphone or other audio source.

Cheap and more affordable systems will set you back between US$50 and US$200, while more premium options are more expensive and offer more features. Whether it's added convenience, peace of mind, or just the company you keep while you ride, having an intercom system is a great addition to any motorcycle.

Which motorcycle helmet headset system is right for you?

If you're looking for a system that works for short trips around town or to run errands, the more affordable and less luxurious Bluetooth systems are a good option.

These systems will connect to your smartphone and allow you to play music from your phone, as well as make and answer calls.
Bluetooth intercom systems also have the advantage that they can be paired with other Bluetooth devices, such as your bike's helmet speaker.

This means you can listen to your music and answer a passenger's call while still being able to communicate with the bike's controls, allowing you to have your hands free and enjoy the ride a little more.

Intercom systems with an integrated Bluetooth radio are also a good option for riders who want to be able to connect to their motorcycle's navigation system.

What are the advantages of a motorcycle intercom?

Advantages: -

  • Improved security:
    You can warn other drivers or alert other cyclists to your presence.
  • Easier navigation
    With a Bluetooth intercom system, you can use your navigation system with ease, or connect to music from your phone.
  • Improved navigation:
    A motorcycle intercom system can enhance your navigation experience by allowing you to listen to music or a voice navigation system.
  • Increased comfort:
    Your passengers can ride to their own music or call on their own phone, all while staying comfortable. -
  • Share your ride :
    You can ride more comfortably while your passenger keeps you company.
  • Better organization:
    The presence of a passenger can allow you to better organize your journey and enjoy longer journeys.
  • Best weather conditions:
    Riding with a passenger will help you deal with bad weather conditions.

How do I install an intercom system?

Choose the type of motorcycle intercom best suited to your use (Jet helmet - Full face helmet, modular helmet.

Once the model has been chosen, install your headset and your microphone.

Configure your intercom for Bluetooth exchanges

- Intercom systems come with instructions on how to set them up.

- Connect your Bluetooth device (smartphone, GPS etc)

- Test your intercom - You must test your intercom system before going for a ride. If you experience any issues while using your system, such as a dropped connection or difficulty hearing the intercom, you can troubleshoot it during your ride.