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Motorcycle Gloves

Riding a motorcycle is a fun and often exhilarating experience. However, before getting on a motorcycle and making your first ride, it is essential to have the appropriate safety equipment.

While most people know how essential a quality helmet, jacket and boots are, they often overlook another vital part of their body. These are the hands.

Protecting hands with high-quality, well-made motorcycle gloves is a must. At Le Pratique du Motard we have a wide selection of quality and affordable biker gloves so that everyone, whatever their style or preferences, can find a pair that suits them.

Take the time to browse through the different biker gloves we offer here.

We're here to supply a wide range of motorcycle gear, with gloves being an option no rider should overlook or forget. Read on to find out more.

Specific features of motorcycle gloves

Most people understand that wearing gloves is a good idea when riding a motorcycle. However, they still don't know why motorcycle gloves are needed. After all, the 1st item corner store has leather gloves for $20, right?

It's a bad idea. Modern motorcycle gloves have several unique features that serve to do two important things for those who ride a motorcycle.

  • Protect hands from the environment while maintaining comfort and fine motor control while riding the motorcycle.
  • Protect hands from injury in the event of an accident.

The gloves have no other function than to ensure the comfort of the motorcyclist and the safety of his hands in the event of an accident. That's what a quality pair of gloves (like ours) has to offer. Gloves purchased at a typical hardware store will not provide this high level of protection.

Styles and brands

Although the above may seem simple, there is a wide range of product styles and brands to choose from, and prices ranging from affordable to high. Each type of glove gets the job done, but can do it a little differently. While this is true, there are a few essentials to look for when shopping for new gloves.

Weather protection or ventilation, depending on the season the glove is used.
Features to provide protection against any type of impact specific to the bike, including double layers in the impact area, palm sliders, reinforced knuckles, etc.
Durable closure systems to ensure the glove stays in place in the event of a crash.
A pre-curved construction that allows riders to comfortably and easily grip the handlebars.
Manufacturers of cruiser gloves and other types of motorcycle gloves now rely on many years of feedback from riders, as well as information from extensive studies of injuries from motorcycle crashes, to design features such as those mentioned above. While these features come at a higher cost than regular gloves, the extra investment is worth it.

Getting to Know the Anatomy of Motorcycling Gloves

Now that many of the features of gloves are known in comparison to traditional leather gloves, it's good to know more about the design, or anatomy, of modern gloves. Each part of the glove is described in more detail here.

The upper portion

This is the part of the glove intended to cover the top or back of the hand. It must be strong and thick to provide protection against collisions, as well as against stones or insects that may hit the joints while driving. In many cases, the upper part of the glove is made from natural skins, such as cowhides.

The fork

This term refers to the strips of fabric that serve to connect the upper part of the glove to the palm. It sits between the fingers and is often vented to help keep hands cool.


A quality liner can help improve the interior comfort of a number of multi-layered technical gloves. The liner used varies depending on the purpose of the glove, with the most common options being waterproof, warmth, comfort, moisture wicking, etc. Some higher quality gloves use materials such as Gore-Tex or Thinsulate.


The cuff, as its name suggests, protects the wrist of the cyclist. It protects this part of the hand/arm from moisture and cold. In many cases, this part of the glove includes additional protective elements for the wrists, such as armor and padding.

The closure

It is important to find a glove that has a strong enough closure to ensure the gloves stay in place while riding. This is all the more important in the event of an accident. Closure options to look for include Velcro, D-straps, and buttons.

The armor

Armor is present to help provide protection against scrapes and impacts. The padded part of the armor is usually made from EVA foam, and other commonly used materials are titanium, steel, carbon fiber, and thermoplastic urethane.

The seams

One part of the glove that is underrated but extremely important is the stitching. This is what will help maintain the entire glove. In many cases, the seams are made of Kevlar, due to the high level of durability it offers. It is advisable to look for external seams on the palms and fingers for superior comfort.

Additional Features

Some motorcycle gloves are designed with additional features to make life easier for motorcyclists. Some of these features include the ability to use a touchscreen, knuckle vents, finger bridges and palm sliders.

The importance of a good fit

Whether you're looking for men's or women's motorcycle gloves, it's absolutely essential that they fit properly. If a person is thrown from their motorcycle, the equipment they are wearing will not be able to do its job if it shifts or becomes loose and comes off entirely.

Another reason gloves, especially cruiser gloves, need to fit snugly is to ensure the rider can feel the controls they are using.
If the gloves are too tight, they can interfere with the driver's ability to operate the controls. On the other hand, if they are too loose, they risk coming off completely.

The glove should fit snugly around the person's hand and their fingers should have no excess material at the end. If the gloves are leather, they should be a little tight at first and then loosen over time. If you opt for textile gloves, they must immediately fit snugly.

Getting the Right Biker Gloves

Buying the right biker gloves from a dealer is a bit of a tactical exercise that takes time and a lot of thought. As there are so many options available today it can be more difficult to narrow them down. find that a lot of people think.
It's a good idea to compare the available options and see which ones best suit the style of riding a person plans to do.

To help you choose the right riding gloves, use the advice and information presented here. These gloves should provide the level of protection needed by every rider, regardless of style or preference.