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Guardian Bell® Motorcycle Bell

An endless list of dangers awaits motorists on the roads every day. Of course, motorcyclists are the most vulnerable to visible and invisible dangers.

Yet countless riders have managed to avoid hazards and ride away from seemingly unavoidable mishaps.

When asked how they managed to beat the odds and cheat death, their answers come in many forms...
Most come down to divine intervention in one way or another or a fluke as he might say.

According to American legend, this otherworldly intercession would be linked to tiny bells more commonly called Guardian Bell® or Bravo bells hanging under the bottom of the motorcycle.

Nobody knows exactly how old the legend of the guardian bell is, but many motorcyclists and bikers and their loved ones take it to heart.

Le Pratique du Motard.fr has selected a wide selection of guardian angel motorcycle bells for you.

Unique pieces, they are handcrafted, straight out of the US workshops.

Browse our selection of Guardian Bell and Bravo bell bells and find the perfect ones for your loved ones.