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Bravo bells bell


The Road Gremlins do not like the Bravo Guardian Bells . Bikers do. And we're bikers too, that's why you'll find such a great selection of authentic Bravo Bells on our online store .

These pewter lucky charms are made in the USA and built to last. Each of them has been carefully designed to have a distinct personality, which you will notice right away. Add the styles you like to your cart to keep them close at hand.

Check out our many Bravo Bells and other biker gear available online to find the perfect gift for your favorite biker, or to treat yourself to a little something special.


You can buy Bravo Bells for yourself, of course, but they're great keepsakes to give to any biker in your life. Bikers love knowing someone is watching over them, and many also collect Bravo Guardian Bells.

It is true that it can be difficult to choose from all the Bravo bells available, so take your time. You will find bells that range from humor to attention and love. It's part of their charm - there's a Bravo Bell for every rider.

We've priced our Bravo Guardian Bells attractively so you can grab a few. It's our little way of saying thank you for making us your go-to place for all your biker needs and gifts.

Want more peace of mind as a preferred buyer? We offer a 30 day money back guarantee on everything we sell.


As the Bravo Bell caption explains, Bravo Guardian Bells were originally designed to be hung on motorcycles. However, not everyone hangs their Bravo Bells on their motorcycle.

Where else can you hang your Bravo Bells to ward off the Gremlins and give yourself some luck?

Bags, Pouches & Purses: Carry a little luck wherever you go. The Bravo bell that you attach to your thigh pouch or motorcycle scarf can ward off evil road spirits that are intent on harming you, whether you are on the road or off your motorcycle.
Bell Displays: Many people enjoy collecting Bravo bells in their homes, garages, or offices. A special display filled with a unique combination of different types of artistic Bravo bells is a great conversation starter, not to mention a perfect decor piece for bikers.
Key rings and rings: Everyone has had the misfortune of misplacing or losing their keys from time to time. Why not put a Bravo Guardian Bell on your key ring?
A Bravo bell could prevent thieving and mischievous Gremlins from working their magic when you're not on your motorcycle.