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Motorcycle shoes and boots


But why are they important? There are good reasons to wear a good pair of motorcycle shoes.
In everyday life, we all wear “fit for purpose” shoes without thinking too much about it. It makes sense to have footwear that is appropriate for the activity you are participating in; that's why we don't wear flip-flops for jogging or slippers for skiing.


So it's not a huge leap of logic to assume that it's completely appropriate (and necessary) to wear motorcycle boots when riding a motorcycle.

But why, exactly?

To verify this, we need to understand what motorcycle boots are actually for. And why they are designed the way they are.

First, motorcycle boots should be comfortable and weatherproof. When riding, your feet are quite exposed. And you might have the best bike in the world, but if your feet are cold and wet or your toes pinch you, you won't enjoy your ride as much.

But of course, motorcycle boots aren't just for keeping out the rain.

Think about when you stop. You will, naturally, put a foot or two to stabilize yourself. Road surfaces vary, even if you're just using a motorcycle to get around, so the best motorcycle boots will be equally at home in terms of grip, whether you've stopped on smooth tarmac, road gravel or, for that matter, wet and dry road. , or dusty surface. Also, motorcycles are heavy, so you need shoes that will support your foot and ankle while you wait for the red light to turn green.

Now think about when you ride. You'll want your motorcycle boots to be tough enough to allow you to actively shift gears repeatedly without causing undue stress on the top of your left foot, and also to apply your rear brake without worrying that your foot will slip out of place. he is wet.


The best motorcycle boots should therefore be comfortable, weatherproof, strong and sturdy, with good grip.

The next thing to consider is the type of motorcycling you are undertaking.

Are you on tour? A motocross enthusiast? Running on a track day? Or maybe just commute?
Motorcycle boots for racing are different from motorcycle boots for cruisers, for example; the former offers a stiff, ultra-sleek aerodynamic shell type that isn't particularly ideal for cruising around, while with the latter, sneaker-type motorcycle shoes for example you can park up and still look as well as with a normal pair of shoes.

In the meantime, you can simply equip your shoes with a shoe protector.

The last consideration is where to buy your boots. Many bikers avoid buying second-hand boots, at Le pratique-du-motard.fr there is a great range of motorcycle boots for all riding styles.

When it comes to cost, motorcycle boots come in prices to suit every budget.

So you can leave your rubber boots at home...!