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On a motorcycle, protect yourself from evil, with Guardian Angel bells.

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On a motorcycle, protect yourself from evil, with Guardian Angel bells.

Have you ever noticed a small pewter bell attached to a motorcycle?

It's called a GUARDIAN BELL.

On many motorcycles, and more particularly on machines from the American brand Harley-Davidson, there is a small bell attached to the frame and as close as possible to contact with the road.

Seeing it, we want to know the reason for such an accessory that often goes unnoticed. It is not by chance that bikers place these amulets on their motorcycles and it is not a distinctive sign relating to a gang or a sect.

If they undeniably bring an aesthetic touch to motorcycles, ride bells have a history and, for bikers, they have a real utility.

Some say that the “ Guardian Bell ” more commonly called GUARDIAN BELL would be a supernatural protector against evil spirits...
The bells would have the power to imprison the evil spirits responsible for incidents on the road, others say that it is simply a tradition of kindness between bikers and their friends.

Legend tells us that by attaching this bell to your motorcycle, evil spirits will be attracted by the ringing of it. They will then find themselves trapped inside until the noise drives them crazy and they let go.


Guardian Bells Collection

What are guardian bells really?

Guardian bells are the small bells made of pewter (an alloy of pewter with copper and antimony) usually attached to motorcycles. Handcrafted Guardian Bell or Bravo Bell can be installed on almost any type of motorcycle and come in a variety of designs to give you a fun, custom look.
The truth is that the guardian bell is not only an element of decoration, but has a major importance in the tradition of bikers. Going back many decades and continuing to this day.

Guardian bell crafting

Why do bikers hang bells on their motorcycles?

You have probably heard of unusual and difficult to explain events. Sudden breakdowns of motorcycles especially on electrical systems for no apparent reason. According to the legend it would then be the gremlins...
Supposedly, these ominous occurrences are the result of evil spirits lurking on the road and causing misfortune to motorcycles and their rider.

The Guardian's Bell is a way to ward off evil spirits from the road and protect you from harm. The bell is claimed to work by capturing evil spirits and channeling them through the hollow of the bell enraging the spirits with the constant ringing until they loose themselves. Then they find the next victim to harass who doesn't have the gremlins bell.

Are Guardian Bells only for Harley Davidsons?

The answer is no !. Keeper bells form a strong tradition among all bikers , especially for the Harley motorcycle community. Effectively the practice of hanging a goalie bell is not very common among sport bikers and the ADV/Dual sports worlds.

Only cruiser and touring motorcycle riders install the Guardian Bells on their motorcycles to represent their unique beliefs.

bell harley davidson Guardian bell


As the story goes, a long time ago, an old experienced "biker" with a gray beard returned from Mexico late at night . His saddlebags were filled with many toys, trinkets and gifts for the children of the orphanage where he worked.

As he rode through the dark, moonlit night, he thought of how lucky he had been in his long life as a biker. Lucky to have a loving road partner who understood his need to roam the roads alone, hair in the wind and a free spirit.

It was late, the old biker had been riding for hours.
Forty miles north of the border, in the cool high desert night, the full moon shone and the cacti cast shifting silhouettes on the still warm desert floor. Our old biker had no idea that just a few miles around one of the few sharp turns, lurked a group of dirty little critters known as the " gremlins " of the road. (These have nothing to do with the movie Gremlins!)

Guardian angel anti gremlins bell

These critters were known to leave things on the road like shoes, nails and bits of old tires. And this for the sole purpose of causing harm to motorcyclists. The gremlins rejoiced viciously in their evil deeds.

As the old biker came around the only bend for miles around, he suddenly surprised a coyote right in his path, perfectly timed to divert him in an oil slick. That's when he skidded and fell ...Waking up in a ditch, helpless, barely able to move.

As the gremlins had pulled it off they were approaching to complete their diabolical plot, it was then that the old veteran noticed that one of his saddle bags had been ripped off and was lying next to him. Determined not to go without a fight , he began throwing items from the bag at his tormentors, but there was nothing to be done as the gremlins continued to advance on him. It was then that all he had left was the little bells for the children.

In one last desperate toss, he thought of the kids he had wrapped his presents for and he began to chime with all his might in hopes of scaring off those pesky gremlins.
Surprisingly, the ringing of the bell seemed to startle the gremlins . Injured and with the little demons between him and his bike, there wasn't much chance of escape. At least he could delay the inevitable and fight back, he told himself.

Not far from here...

About half a mile away, two motorcyclists had just stopped for the night and were camping in the desert. Sitting around a campfire, they talked about their mounts and their freedom. In the silence of the night, they heard bells ringing and ringing.

Curious, they followed the sound until they came across the old biker. He was lying in the ditch and seemed to be afraid of something, but they couldn't see anything. The gremlins were about to push him to the other side. Just to be safe, they yelled and howled to scare the wild animals away.

In good hands...

Grateful to the two young bikers for the help and rescue they had brought , the old veteran offered to pay them for their help. However, like all real "bikers", the youngsters refused. Not one to leave a good deed unrewarded, the old biker cut a few pom poms from his leather satchel and attached a bell to each of the pieces. He then placed them on each of his younger brothers' motorcycles, as close to the ground as possible.

The old motorcyclist then told these young people, who had just saved his life. Thanks to the bells placed on their motorcycle, they would be protected against the "gremlins" of the road. He then told them that if ever they were in trouble, they would just have to ring the bell and that "bikers" would then come to their aid.

So when you see a biker with a little bell under his motorcycle , you'll know he worships the most important thing in life; the friendship of a "biker", the true friendship of a brother on the road.

Biker lucky bell


The little bells, better known as Guardian Bells or Gremlin's Bells, are said to be a kind of lucky charm that helps keep bikers safe.
It protects them on their travels in the same way that a Saint Christie pendant is believed to protect those who wear it.

Whichever way you choose to view it, legend has it that guardian bells work like a charm to keep harmful spirits from wreaking havoc while you're on the road.


This bell is all the more effective if it has been offered to you or if you offer it yourself. The person who will receive it will know that their well-being and safety do not leave you indifferent.

If you receive a bell as a gift, you know that somewhere, a friend is there, ready to help you.

Guardian Bells collection

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