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Protecting your motorcycle becomes a necessity to avoid the many inconveniences that a fall can cause. Fortunately, there are practical tips to protect yourself from it. Motorcycle equipment remains the safest way to limit bodily and material damage from falls. There is different equipment to protect you during your motorcycle road trip.

The crankcase guard to protect your crankcase during falls

In the event of a fall, it is important to protect your motorcycle crankcase to reduce damage. Also called a protective buffer , the engine guard is a piece of advanced equipment that is remarkably useful in the event of a fall. In fact, this equipment cushions the impact of the fall and preserves the engine block . Without proper protection, falling and impact may cause liquid gasoline or oil leaks. The engine guard therefore offers optimal protection for your motorcycle.

By investing in a protective pad, you will enjoy several benefits. It resists sliding over long distances very well by absorbing a good part of the impact . Moreover, certain engine protection pads are easy to install and do not require any particular technical knowledge. There are many models suitable for all motorcycles throughout France.

Using crash bars to protect your motorcycle

To avoid scratching your fairing during a fall while stationary or at low speed, crash bars can be effective. They are metal tubes placed around the edge of the motorcycle frame and which protect many parts of your motorcycle . It can be the fairing, the tank and even the engine. To install a motorcycle crash bar, simply follow these few steps:

  • gather the necessary equipment,
  • remove the main screw from the frame,
  • position the crash bar around the engine,
  • install and tighten the screws,
  • position and install the crash bar on the other side of the motorcycle.

Manufacturers offer crash bars adapted to each motorcycle model: Honda, BMW and others. But you can also obtain them by contacting spare parts suppliers.

Invest in a tank protection mat

This type of equipment helps prevent scratches that various frictions against the tank can cause. It does not protect against all impacts, but will at least protect your paint. Knowing that damaged paint can also cost you dearly. But before installing your tank protection mat, make sure that no moisture is trapped under the canvas . However, this solution is not very popular with all motorcyclists.

As an alternative, you can always opt for self-adhesive films . In addition to adding a motorcycle aesthetic touch, these accessories can protect your tank from scratches. Moreover, stickers or transparent films are a cheap, quick solution that does not distort your motorcycle . These accessories can be great gift ideas for bikers. Depending on your needs and tastes, you can choose the tank protection mat model or the self-adhesive films.

Use equipment to protect legs and feet

The protection applies to both the motorcycle and your person. For your safety, it is advisable to invest in certain equipment. Indeed, in the event of a fall, the hip and knees are the most frequent points of impact. Fortunately, there are many knee-hip protectors that can save your life . It is therefore advisable to wear pants made from durable materials.

Choose pants with shells at the hips and knees for maximum leg protection . The standard for pants corresponds to this code EN 1 621-1. For more protection, you can also wear knee pads, motorcycle gloves or motorcycle boots . Beyond the aesthetic characteristics, your purchasing guide must focus more on the safety aspect.

Other tips for protecting yourself from falls

For motorcyclists, the apprehension of the road and traffic is not the same as in a car. Indeed, weather conditions and terrain can more quickly impact motorcycle driving and safety. When you ride a motorcycle, you must be twice as vigilant as when driving a car . The first rule is to respect the Highway Code. This is certainly important for everyone's safety. Drivers of motorcycles and other two-wheeled vehicles must therefore comply.

In addition, the maintenance of your machine must also be scrupulous . Used tires will quickly lose their grip on the road, causing you to fall. Poorly maintained or aging brakes can also be fatal. So remember to carry out a technical inspection of your motorcycle before any trip .

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