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What is a quick-pull handle used for on a motorcycle?

Posted by Nicolas Lanfrais on

What is a quick-pull handle used for on a motorcycle?

A slow motorcycle has no advantage. Yes, if you take your motorcycle, it's to take turns, accelerate and get lost in the winds. It's to feel free and take curves quickly. It happens that the acceleration blocks or is slower. In this case, we engage a better acceleration with a quick pull of the handle.

Save time when accelerating with a quick pull

A quick-pull handle will save you time for accelerations. Indeed, with a standard handle, you have to turn for a long time before you get full throttle. With a quick draw, it takes much less time. This means that with less wrist rotation, your motorcycle will accelerate faster.

To go faster, especially when doing circuit or motocross , it is better to drop the original accelerator. The quick-draw handle will allow you to enjoy your engine's performance much faster. On the other hand, it will be necessary to dose the gases with more attention because the bike will be much livelier. This is not the kind of equipment that you install on your motorcycle when you only do town!

Comfort of using your motorcycle

The normal pull of a throttle cable involves three turns. You have to turn around the axis of the handlebar, which includes the accelerator. The ring can be more or less sensitive, depending on the brand and model. Sometimes, bikers increase this ring so that the axis of rotation is more imposing. It will be easier to handle and you will be able to go faster.

A conventional throttle grip works this way. The motor joints are linked by a cable. When it is awake, the mechanics run faster. A quick-pull handle does not require this sleight of hand to operate the turbine. It's as if everything were more automated, which gives real ease of use.

A quick adjustment

With a quick draw system , the adjustment of the mechanics is faster. In fact, the engine does not need to be pulled by force. It responds directly to the call as soon as the handle is used.
When purchasing, you should know which handle reference is suitable for your motorcycle. It will be different depending on the brand: Peugeot, Yamaha, Mbk , etc. The model is also a criterion of choice just like the quality. Tip: order online for fast shipping.

Install a quick pull on a handle

It is easy to change your original throttle grip. You can even put together a quick draw at home. The goal is to replace the original throttle grip with a new quick pull grip. It is necessary :

  1. taking off the rubber grip: take it off from the gas grip by slightly heating the glue;
  2. dismantling the throttle stalk: undo the screw on the cable and remove it. Then remove the switch and pull the gas handle;
  3. gluing: put a little neoprene glue to attach the rubber handle and the hard plastic one afterwards.

The installation of the handle ends here. Additional settings will ensure use. With a pulling kit, you should have all the necessary materials and details for each step. You may need to purchase a throttle cable as well in case you are unsuccessful with the replacement.

The latest settings

First, if the glue doesn't work, you can tie them with wire. Wind it up so that the gas handle no longer moves. Then comes the adjustment of the guard . It must be only a few millimeters to guarantee responsiveness to acceleration. Unscrew the two nuts on the sheath and turn the second to adjust the tension.

A few tests to finish . It is mandatory, because the use of the handle and your safety are at stake. So, turn the handlebars several times to check the tension and acceleration. It can walk by itself if the assembly is not correct. Please note that you must wait 24 hours after installation before you can ride your motorcycle again. You will feel the difference at the first acceleration.

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