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5 good reasons to have a vintage motorcycle backpack

Posted by Nicolas Lanfrais on

5 good reasons to have a vintage motorcycle backpack

A vintage motorcycle backpack combines both style and elegance. Timeless and timeless, the vintage backpack is incredibly popular with bikers. Fashion addict or simple particular, this great classic with discreet touches always lends itself to any style of clothing. If two-wheelers appreciate it so much, it is for many reasons.

Vintage motorcycle backpack: aesthetic and elegant

When it comes to choosing a biker backpack, design remains a very important element to take into account. The vintage backpack is the finishing touch to any outfit, whether casual or polished. Indeed, wearing this type of motorcycle backpack gives a chic, refined and classy side to your look . Above all, it seduces with its elegance and nobility. The vintage motorcycle backpack above all brings a retro and very trendy note to your style.

You will find vintage motorcycle backpacks specially designed for sporty style motorcyclists. They feature an aerodynamic design suitable for high-speed rides. Other models are a little more versatile and are designed for street bikes.

Vintage motorcycle backpack made from strong and durable materials

One of the main advantages of the vintage motorcycle backpack concerns its incomparable resistance. It is made of very solid materials guaranteeing durability over time . This biker backpack model certainly seduces with its durability and high resistance. Whether you use it daily or occasionally, a vintage backpack will stand the test of time and road tests perfectly.

You have the choice between:

  • a vintage leather motorcycle backpack,
  • a vintage canvas motorcycle backpack,
  • a vintage motorcycle backpack in thick cotton,
  • a vintage motorcycle backpack made of synthetic fabric, etc.

Whichever you choose, this type of bag is also designed to withstand extreme weather conditions. This is one of its distinctive features and what makes it so unique.

A waterproof vintage motorcycle backpack

Taking your things with you on a motorcycle invariably requires the acquisition of luggage. It can be a top case, a motorcycle pannier or side cases. But you can also bet on a vintage motorcycle backpack or a vintage leg bag to keep the essentials close at hand. Whether leather or canvas, vintage motorcycle backpacks are waterproof in nature . They therefore make it possible to protect your belongings against the vagaries of the weather and to keep your belongings dry.

Such is the case of the Alpinestars City Hunter motorcycle backpack . A waterproof vintage backpack entirely composed of taped seams and made of waterproof material. The Alpinestars bag has a very practical and above all very effective closing system to prevent water infiltration.

Vintage motorcycle backpack: practical, functional and comfortable

If vintage biker backpacks are experiencing a dazzling success, it is in particular for their practicality and their functional side. But not only that, they also provide exceptional comfort . Indeed, the vintage leather motorcycle backpack , for example, has the advantage of being super practical. It accompanies you everywhere and facilitates the transport of your personal belongings: laptop, binder, tablet, documents, etc.

Opting for a vintage backpack also provides unparalleled carrying comfort. In addition to containing all your belongings, it can be worn in style . In addition, some models are equipped with suitable compartments. Indeed, they have a whole arsenal of pockets and storage. A motorcycle backpack with vintage styles adapts to technological and modern issues.

Vintage motorcycle backpack: accessible to small budgets

Even with a small budget, you can afford a vintage motorcycle backpack. Nothing prevents you from choosing the resistant canvas backpack of your choice. But be careful of its impermeability all the same . The cheapest models often have a volume between 12 liters and 30 liters as the main compartment. Enough to carry essentials with you. You will easily find quality vintage motorcycle backpacks at a very affordable price.

Such is the case of the DXR Neptune vintage motorcycle backpack . This model is 100% waterproof thanks to its heat-sealed seams and its PVC material. It is available for only 79 euros. It offers very good value for money.

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